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Remember over the summer when I posted that I like being alone. I'm back at college, and I still like being alone. I've come to prefer it actually. Which is super duper weird for me. So one of my classes is called Visual Literacy. It's all about how what we see influences our behavior and our creativity. So one of the assignments was literally to wander around. And then we had to document our experience. Here's my wanderings that I posted on our class blog. I'm not sure what happened, but I like being alone.

I decided to do the assignment about wandering. I packed a bag and set off, planning on taking a quick whiz around the block and being done. After about two blocks, I was wondering if I was doing the assignment right. I decided not to pull my phone out or bring a camera and ruin the wander. It slowly became fantastic. I walked to places I had never seen before. I found a house that I'm pretty sure is a murder house, as well as some houses that I would have moved into on the spot. I followed a couple (against my instincts) until I'm pretty sure they were going to call the cops. I went and swung on a swing in the front yard of a house even though every bone in my body begged me not to. I stood out front of a house and watched TV with the girl through the window. I stayed until a tattooed man (who I'm fairly certain will end up being my husband) gave me the dirtiest look I've ever gotten. I figured out how to distinguish between a married couple's house (neatly trimmed lawn and twine/flower wreath) and single people's houses (lawn long enough for me to braid and a sofa on the front porch.) I eventually got so lost, I had to pray to the phone gods to get me home. When I got home, I looked at the time. I'd been gone for over an  hour and a half. And it was fantastic. 

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  1. This was super beautiful, Maddy. I loved it a ton. I love the idea of watching TV with a stranger like that. That's such a pretty connection.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. That's an interesting assignment, and you wrote about it so well. I dig you're blog.


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