The last of the saps

8:55 AM

Let's just say, it's been a weird week. The past seven days have been a whirl of crazy stuff going on, all at the same time. And I really didn't think I could handle it all happening at once. So this is the last day of me being upset about all of it. So look forward to less-sappy, more happy blog posts in the near future!

For now, here's your last sappy blog post for a while:)

Found this gem yesterday. What would I do without Pinterest? It gives me quotes like this...

And food like this:) Lazy cake-cookie bars. They're divine. Comment or send me a message for the recipe!

One last thing. God is good. He doesn't leave you alone. He kindly shows you what you could work on, and then stays with you every step of the way while you shape up. And when you're feeling incredibly alone, He sends angels into your life to remind you who you're supposed to be. I love my religion more than anything, and I love the God that I worship more than anything. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Ooh, I haven't made those style of cookie bars in a long time, but I know they're good!


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