Lemonade skies

6:53 AM

Last night it rained. A lot. So the fact that I work at a waterpark/campground was fun. But people were mostly nice, so that was good.

Yesterday the sky was the color of a good raspberry lemonade. And there was mist coming off of the asphalt because of the cold rain on the hot road. It was so pretty. I hope you all saw it (well those of you that live in Utah anyway).

Today the skies are very blue with just a few whispy clouds. 

I have to go! I have a million things to do (mail a package, finish a journalism essay, clean the house for my mom's cute friend to come over, see a friend who just got home from his mission, the list goes on and on!)

One last thing. Happy birthday Ashley. I know we barely talk, but that's ok. I hope you have a really special day and I am so happy you're finally 19! Have a wonderful birthday, love you!

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  1. Mmmmm that picture is wonderful. I love the phrase Lemonade Skies. Stealing that eventually :)


  2. SUCH a beautiful picture! Love that you call them lemonade skies... :) So super cute. Loving your blog, lady! xoxoxo


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