My 4th Festivities!

6:19 AM

The 4th of July was perfect! Well, almost. I spent the past two 4th of July's with Randy. So that was hard. But anywho...

Kaysville is such a great place to live. Knock it all you want, (cough cough, Kurtis...) but I love it. I think being in Kaysville on the 4th of July really makes me love it that much more.

Let's start with how my day went. I had to work this morning, so I got in my car and drove down Main Street just as all the 5k runners were coming. It was so great to see people I know, and people I don't know, running down the street. Some were holding their kids hands, and others were incredibly focused on making it to the end. I got a little choked up driving past it all. Pathetic, I know. But still.

Then I had a grand time at work with Natalie and Alyse, who are hilarious, and that flew by. Then it was back home for some of this....

Pasta salad=heaven. Want the recipe? Comment or send me a message!

I got to spend time with my cute family and it was marvelous. Then I crashed Jonas's family party for a bit. So that was fun. And then it was off to the fireworks. I got to talk and laugh with my family while munching on popcorn and peanut butter M&M's (a family tradition). 


While we were driving to the fireworks and sitting there, surrounded by Kaysville folks, I realized that I LOVE where I live. I have never lived anywhere else and I am so glad. I love America and I am so lucky to live here. I love the country music, apple pie, baseball, stubborn, God loving people that this country is built on. And I love the small town, comfortable feel of Kaysville. It's home. And no matter where I live, Kaysville is home. As much as I want to get away sometimes, when it comes right down to it, it's been the perfect place for me. And in so many ways, it always will be. 

My cute sisters and I at the fireworks having "sister before mister" time. Yeah, this explains us pretty well...

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  1. There's definitely nothing wrong with Kaysville :) I've been through your city before during some of my journeys around Utah. There's just something great about small towns.
    Of Thoughts and Things

  2. It's a wonderful place to live:) I love your blog!!!


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