Hello July.

7:52 AM

Oooh Monday. Oooooh July.


But really. June was like, two seconds long? Maybe? I am halfway done with my four month summer vacation? Say WHAT? I like July though. So I guess this is ok...

I've decided to make a What I Love About July list so I won't be so sad about my fleeting summer.

What I Love About July:
The hot tar on the road that melts when you step on it. Or gives you third degree burns. Either one is nice.
The Fourth of July. I mean, fireworks, right?
That it's not August and you only have to mildly start worrying about the over the summer homework you got.
Ice cream.
Snow cone stands EVERYWHERE.
Several hundred less weddings to attend (everyone wants to get married in June. Including myself. Way to go you July brides!)
Summer routines have been established.
I've cranked through all the important Netflix/Hulu shows that I have to watch to be culturally literate, and now it's on to the good stuff. Like Prince William and Kate's royal love story. It's a gem.
I've gotten over my summer goal to work out every day, and I just eat instead.
Peanut butter M&M's. They taste better in July. Trust me.
Grilled food. 
Corn on the cob and cherries.

I could go on, but I won't. That was a fairly decent list.

And then there were three....Morgan is going to be a great missionary! Love you sister!

I was sick. Someone bought me this. Life is good:)

Happy Monday everyone:)

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  1. Your summer work out goal is the same as mine. So far my eating has increased exponentially. I'm proud. Who would have known just how many burritos I could eat?


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