Graham's First Rock Concert

9:49 AM

We've had a ton of fun the past few days taking Graham on adventures and doing really fun things. 

We went on a walk around the neighborhood with our Solly Baby wrap which I LOVE and Randy loves it too! We ran into the ICE CREAM TRUCK and legit chased it down. There were tons of kids in the neighborhood and we were the ones running around to get ice cream. 

On Friday, I went into the WGU office and officially got all ready to go back to work! I got to bring Graham and show him off to all my work friends which was fun. I had a cool meeting with my bosses who are AWESOME and who are so willing to work with me as I navigate being a working mom. I'm so grateful for them. So if you text me and I'm busy, just know I'm working like crazy (from my couch with Graham in my arms) getting this working mom thing going!

Later that night, Randy had the awesome opportunity to play a gig in Alpine! The Utah Democratic Women association paid him and the rest of the band to play for 2 ours, and G and I decided to tag along! I wasn't sure when I'd get to see Randy and the guys play for 2 whole hours with professional equipment and everything, so I couldn't miss out. We got G some special headphones to protect his little ears, and went and jammed out WAY past his bedtime.

I also snapped this angsty picture of Randy and it's my favorite hahaha. He played SO well. I have a YouTube video of them playing. I am so insanely proud of Randy for still making time for things he loves, for teaching himself seriously all the instruments except for piano, and for being so dedicated at practicing and getting better. He's seriously so talented but would never brag about it.

We just love hanging out with our little dude. We braved church this week to listen to my sister speak (she freaking KILLED IT) and G was pretty well behaved! We're going through a growth spurt right now so nights are hard again, but we're getting back at it.

G holding his ear to sleep is literally the cutest thing ever.

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