Randy's First Father's Day!

9:12 AM

We celebrated Randy's first Father's Day in style! We started with a waffle breakfast in bed, and a a present! Randy literally cried when he read the card I picked out for him from Graham. I traced Graham's hands (or tried to) as his signature and the words of the card and those hand tracings made Randy just lose it! It was so sweet. We also got him a photo of Graham and a kite for him to fly with his son! Which made him cry too haha.

We went to church, ate shrimp cocktail and ramen, and then spent the evening with Randy's dad, celebrating him.

I am so beyond thankful to have such an amazing father for my kids. Randy is so patient, sweet, loving, and fun with Graham already and I can't wait for all the Father's Days we have ahead. For as long as I've known Randy, I've known he would be an amazing father. And seeing him as a dad has only made that more real, and he's honestly exceeded my expectations.

Happy Father's Day, love.

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