Graham Update - One Month Old

11:30 AM

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Sweet little Graham is ONE MONTH OLD!

•at his last appointment he weighed 8 lbs 10 oz
•he is 21.5 inches long
•he is a champion eater and sleeper
•he is starting to smile which makes Randy and I melt
•he loves dance parties and reading stories
•he’s still in newborn clothing and diapers but I get the feeling that will change soon
•he used to HATE getting a bath but now he absolutely loves it
•he has the sweetest temperament, doesn’t fuss a lot, and is just the absolute best baby - we are so lucky to have him in our family!

Some of my favorite memories of this first month have been his birth (obviously), having all our friends and family meet him, seeing him start to smile, giving him baths and watching as he starts to like them more, going on long walks, hitting up the mall and restaurants and how mellow he is, getting to eat all the candy I want since the diabetes is gone (I get a check at my six week appointment to ensure it's gone, but since they can't check until then I get to eat whatever I want!), taking photos and watching him pose, cuddles in the morning, getting to put his cute newborn outfits on him, realizing he recognizes Randy and my voices, and so much more!

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