Hall of Breakfast

5:55 AM

This weekend was insanely fun! G got to meet his Uncle Jon who came in from New York to visit. It was a blast to see G with him and to have everyone (but our sweet missionary) together.

We got these darling pictures of G and cousin Charlotte! Their shirts say "Cousins make the best friends" and they were SO silly and sweet getting their pictures taken.

My parents got back from Europe and it was so awesome to see them again! They have so many fun stories to tell and we have had a great time hearing about their adventures, and they've loved seeing Graham again.

On Saturday we went to this amazing exhibit in SLC called "The Hall of Breakfast" and it was out of this world! It's part art exhibit part interactive museum and all of it centered around breakfast food so it doesn't get better than that. Graham was so well behaved and we had a great time with Bethany and Jarem hanging out. There was "Pop Art" - real art pieces like Starry Night recreated on TOAST. Real bread and everything. There were giant donut swings, a voting booth to decide of pancakes or waffles were better, and a giant freezer door that let you into the whole thing. We had WAY too much fun, and even though Randy killed his leg in the ball pit, it was still a great time.

G is starting to smile which is sincerely melting my mama heart. He's getting better at night sleeping thank HEAVEN and is overall a really happy kid.


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