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8:43 AM

We're SO busy all the time over here!

Here's a little update:

Graham is still the sweetest baby.

We're trying to figure out how to get on a routine (Check out our YouTube video about it) and it's proving difficult but last night, Graham only woke up ONCE and only for five minutes! So we're doing great!

I'm back taking on freelance clients and it's busy and crazy, but so good.

Randy's parents went to Japan and are heading to Disneyland this week, my parents are in Europe, and my sister is in New York.

Randy is loving his kickboxing classes, is kicking school's BUTT and is the best daddy in the universe.

I'm SUPER tired, and it's been hard to be here and try to do everything, but not be able to go places or be stressed about going places. But we're doing good.

Graham is super strong, doesn't mind tummy time, LOVES being cuddled, is pretty good at napping, and is pretty much a mommy and daddy's boy, he likes being with us more than anyone.

I'm blazing through The Great British Baking Challenge while working or nursing.

Graham loves it when we sing him songs, read stories, or have dance parties.

We'll be doing Graham's one month update in just a few days and I can't BELIEVE it. I will probably cry about it.

Note about those photos ^ I took them on a Sunday and Randy and Graham were in that EXACT position at the EXACT same time. It was too cute.

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