These are a few of my favorite things - baby edition

3:21 PM

I've been stocking up on baby products left and right, wanting to try everything and get all the cute stuff! These are just a couple of my favorite things that I can't wait to try out with little man when he gets here!

The Sweet Mint Co has THE CUTEST binky clips, teething rings, and necklaces. Made of wood or silicone so they are safe for your baby to chew on, and made without lead or BPA. I'm obsessed with these designs and can't wait to clip them onto our little dude's blanket or shirt!! They are SO cute and I know they will also make great teething options when the baby gets a little bigger. 

 I have been so worried about finding a good nursing cover, and these ones from Fiddle Diddles are SO cute! They are so soft and light weight so they won't bother the baby, you can use them for so many things including as a car seat cover, scarf, shopping cart sling, and nursing cover! I can't wait to try these out with our dude too, Randy and I already have one set up on our car seat that matches his coming home outfit hahaha.

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