Bumpdate 27 Weeks

12:24 PM

Symptoms: My back hurts like crazy which is NO fun at all! 
Sleep: I am SO tired all the time! I had a breakdown on the floor laughing that turned into crying because I was SO tired.
Baby is: Moving around and around and I love it. Sometimes it's super uncomfortable but I wouldn't change it for anything.
Gender: BABY BOY! We set up his bassinet this week and it's feeling more and more real all the time! 
Dad is: now 24! We celebrated his birthday and it was a blast, he can't wait to take little man to Guitar Center next year! 
Mom is craving: Everything all the time haha!
Funny things this week: Little guy loved hanging out at Guitar Center and hearing all the music. We also went to Top Golf for Randy's birthday and I beat EVERYONE! It was a pretty triumphant day! 

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