Love Day

8:01 AM

I have been SO bad at blogging lately! I've been good at doing "bumpdates" about baby because I'm obsessed with him, but other blogging I'm seriously slacking. My love month turned into 3 measly posts!

But all of that is OK!

I'll post a life update right after this, promise.

But basically I want to talk about love because yesterday was the day filled with love.

I just have to pinch myself sometimes because I am so lucky to love, and be loved, by such an amazing person. Randy is seriously the best person I have ever known. He has given me this beautiful life and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Of course, our marriage and our life isn't perfect. But that's part of what I love about it. I love facing hard things with Randy. I love comforting each other on crazy or bad days.

I'm absolutely obsessed with the way Randy is so goofy and cuddly in the mornings. I adore how his favorite food is Japanese Ramen and how we make it several times a week. I can't get enough of his endless rants about music and bands and love how he is always trying to educate me on these very important matters. I could listen to him tell stories forever.

Yesterday we woke up early and had some pastries in bed, I got Randy a watch (a little Valentine tradition) and he got me some BEAUTIFUL earrings and a makeup bag I have been dying to have, and of course some flowers.

We went to Corbins Grille and had amazing steak and lamb (even though they brought Randy the wrong potatoes, they ended up being DELICIOUS).

It was the chill, romantic last Valentine's Day with the two of us that I wanted. I'm thrilled that next year we'll have our little man here with us and I couldn't be more excited about that.

Happy love day, loves.

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