Bumpdate 26 Weeks

7:37 AM

Symptoms: My teeth sensitivity is gone - hallelujah! My back and muscles hurt, especially if I've done a lot during the day, so that's not fun. 
Sleep: It's getting a little uncomfortable and little dude likes to hang out low which makes laying down not so fun! 
Baby is: Moving around like a MANIAC. Yesterday he kicked me SO hard I seriously stood up out of my chair and said "WHAT THE" in the middle of my office hahaha. It was pretty ridiculous.
Gender: BABY BOY! We have SO many darling little boy clothes, I can't stand it!
Dad is: Working on a huge project this week but still has time to help me do anything I need.
Mom is craving: Pasta, but I don't know if that's the baby or just me being normal hahaha.
Funny things this week: We can see little guy move and he kicks things off my stomach like my phone or computer, which is hilarious. I love seeing him move around but Randy says it's like the movie Alien! We can't tell if it's a foot or a hand or anything specific, but it's still fun. Randy and I also can't agree on names! We both have a few that we like, but Randy is picky about names and some that I love, he doesn't love! So we'll see how that goes! 

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