Bumpdate Week 28

11:16 AM

Symptoms: I can't breathe! Little dude is totally crowding my lungs so I can't walk around without losing my breath. It makes me feel totally out of shape, which is hilarious.
Sleep: I'm still tired! Of course - haha. I hear the 3rd trimester is the one filled with being tired and uncomfortable, so I'm prepping myself for that.
Baby is: A mover, we feel him rolling over all the time. He doesn't kick me a lot which is nice, just moves or rolls or bounces around. 
Gender: BABY BOY! I have already gotten so many cute outfits for him and he's going to be the best dressed dude ever!
Dad is: Amazing! He's been crazy busy with school and is still wonderful. He teases me about random cravings, but he's the best.
Mom is craving: Sugar which is NOT GOOD hahaha.
Funny things this week: We had fun shopping and hanging out with friends. We can see little guy moving which is super freaky and fun. I had to do my glucose test (not sure if I passed yet or not, cross your fingers!) and the sugar rush gave me a not fun headache! 

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