Zuzu Wear

7:56 AM

If you know Randy, you know he's SUCH a classy dresser. He loves shopping as much as I do and is crazy about making sure his haircut is right. One of his biggest complaints is that there aren't enough options when it comes to men's clothing. And he's totally right! There just aren't a lot of cool or interesting things to do with guys clothing. That is why he and I both LOVE places like Zuzu Wear because they are doing their part to give guys some awesome options when it comes to clothing. Their ties are seriously AWESOME and such good quality! I love that they are all about skinny ties (Randy doesn't love regular or thick ties, because he's so tall and skinny) and they always have cool patterns. They are really adding new dimensions and class to men's fashion and Randy and I are huge fans. We loved partnering with them, and hope we can find more awesome places for men's fashion that share their passion!

But just check out how good the tie (and the guy) look!

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