Maternity Monday / Bumpdate of Week 14

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I am 14 weeks pregnant! It feels like it's going by SO SLOWLY and at the same time, too fast!

I wanted to share some of my favorite maternity things from the first trimester (I'll probably also be doing a YouTube video, so stay tuned for that) and give a little bumpdate!

Symptoms: I'm still not super sick, but randomly will feel nauseous. Especially if I'm moving really fast which is ridiculous, so running and working out hard has become not possible! I have been getting some headaches but as I keep drinking water they go away pretty quickly.

Sleep: I sleep pretty well at night, but am SO tired all the time! I go to bed early and still wake up tired! They weren't joking when they said this is exhausting work!

Baby is: The size of a troll doll or a beet! It's crazy that it keeps getting so big! I feel like yesterday we looked at our app and baby was the size of a poppy seed. All of the limbs, organs and everything are developed, and will just keep growing bigger!

Gender: We will hopefully find out this week! Crossing our fingers that baby cooperates!

Dad is: SO EXCITED. Randy is SO sweet about the baby and every day just says he can't wait for the baby to be here, and wishes it would come sooner. He is carrying around our little plush alien toy from Toy Story and pretending it's the baby, practicing how to hold it and do things with only one hand hahaha.

Mom is craving: Not really anything, but it's so strange that chocolate (my normal love) isn't always on my mind. It's very weird not to need a piece of chocolate during the day the way I normally would! I eat less at each meal because I start to feel too full, but still need lots of snacks between meals, which is funny. I've been craving sour things most of the pregnancy, acai bowls or sour gummies. There are these amazing sour dolphin gummies at a candy store in our mall that I'm OBSESSED with. I randomly craved pie crust cookies about 6 weeks in, and when we didn't have the ingredients I started BAWLING. I also had a funny hankering for Frosted Mini Wheats that made me bawl, because I was so excited to know what sounded good!

Funny things this week: I keep thinking I feel the baby move, but Randy doesn't believe me! Maybe I am, maybe I'm not...who knows! I'm emotional ALL the time (even more than usual) and even cried a few weeks ago when I heard a goose in the sky, all by itself. I was so worried it was looking for its family.

My first trimester loves:

I have had a few things that I LOVED during my first trimester, here they are!

The Tummy Sleeve from Motherhood Maternity. I have about a million pairs of high-waisted jeans, which by about week 11 started to not fit great. I was SO upset, if I had just bought more low-rise jeans everything would have been fine! I found the Tummy Sleeve which is AWESOME. I could still wear my high-waisted jeans, not do up the button, and put the Tummy Sleeve over it so nothing would show. It has been AWESOME! 

VitaFusion PreNatal Gummies. I don't know why anyone buys any other prenatal vitamin! A few people gave me their old prenatals and they were these giant pills that tasted gross in your mouth, I was NOT a fan. My doctor said that any prenatal vitamin brands were fine, as long as they said they contained folic acid. These gummy vitamins are DELICIOUS, I look forward to chowing down at night. You just take two a day and they are SO yummy, it's seriously like eating candy! 

Gatorade. I was getting some headaches and my doctor recommended staying more hydrated. She said that often when you're pregnant, water moves through your body SO fast that you barely have time to register that its there, and your body still feels dehydrated. So she said drinking Gatorade and getting those electrolytes would help, and it has been a lifesaver! I feel more hydrated and can switch off between this and water, which changes up the routine of drinking allllll dayyyyy longggg.

Those have been some of my maternity favorites so far, I'm sure I'll have more and more as we go further in this crazy journey!
Have a great week, and get excited for Thanksgiving! 

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