Telling Our Family and Friends We Are Pregnant!

8:40 AM

We had a really fun time telling our family and close friends about baby Low!

Funny story, we were planning on telling my parents at the same time as my siblings, but of course, life got in the way! My parents are planning a trip to Europe with a group, and had to put down a deposit. They would leave a few weeks after our baby is due, and while I knew I still wanted them to go and they should go, I wanted them to have all the information before making a final decision! They were going to put down a deposit one night, and I was BAWLING because I didn't want to tell them over the phone! Randy told me we could go there, we could FaceTime, whatever I wanted. So I just decided to call and tell them! They were SO excited and it was good I told them so they could book their trip knowing about the baby and everything like that.

I was having a family birthday party the next weekend so we wrapped up some onesies and baby shoes for me to unwrap as a gift from Randy. Our families were SO surprised, it was awesome! We also told some of our close friends at the fair after Alexon won a giant prize.

We are so lucky baby Low already has so many people to love!

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