Valentine's Day

5:57 PM

It took me a minute, and then I realized that I DIDN'T POST ABOUT OUR VALENTINE'S DAY!

What on earth is wrong with me?

So here's the rundown.

Randy and I were lucky enough to get a gift card to La Caille and decided that Valentine's Day would be the perfect venue for such a date. Valentine's Day itself had a specific menu and was a little more expensive, so we opted to have our V-Day date on the13th of February.

We got home from our days and got all dolled up, an drove up to La Caille. It's a gorgeous drive up, light lined trees and swans in the pond. We gave the car to the valet and walked around the grounds a little bit, but it was kinda freezing.

We then went inside the beautiful chateau looking restaurant and waited for our reservation time. When we got upstairs to our table right next to the fireplace and it was SO beautiful. We ordered some fancy French raspberry cream soda which was SO delicious. Then brought bread with the most yummy black-salt butter, and we ordered escargot and French onion soup. Both were SO tasty! It was Randy's first time eating escargot and he really liked it! I've had escargot before and they did a really good job. They also brought out lamb pate and it was SO good. I had never had pate before, and I absolutely loved it!

They brought us a palette cleansing sorbet which was tasty, and then it was the main event (we were already SO full but we made do!)

Randy ordered a filet mignon with crab mashed potatoes and veggies. It was a fantastic piece of steak and such delicious food!

I had scallops with a truffle risotto and vegetables, and MAN it was so good.

The whole time we were there we were people watching, chatting and sharing memories, and just having the best time. We thought the fancy experience was something Muffy and Tipper, our high school fancy alter-egos, would have loved.

We ordered dessert and shared an absolutely amazing chocolate torte with ice cream and cherry sauce. So wonderful!

It was such a fun and romantic night, a fantastic experience that we probably wouldn't have done without those gift cards! So huge thank you to my boss!

On actual Valentine's Day, I woke up early and made Randy some breakfast and we exchanged our homemade gifts, which was SO awesome. Randy wrote me a beautiful song, and I made Randy a love-note video. It was so awesome.

Valentine's Day is all about love, and it was so wonderful to have a special night with the love of my life.

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