Lessons On Love: When I Said Yes

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It's always fun that Randy and I got engaged during February, I get to kick of my celebration of "love month" with a great reminder of the beginning of our forever love.

Randy and I knew we were going to get married. We had looked at rings and I had identified a few styles that I loved, trusting him to make the final decision.

Crazy Utah summer wedding season meant we had already put money down on some elements for our wedding so we could get venues and vendors that we wanted, for the weekend we wanted.

Randy had talked to my dad, and I knew that he had.

To be honest, I had woken up every morning for the week prior, and had immediately texted Randy, teasing and asking if we would get engaged that day.

I knew I was going to say yes.

But I learned a very important lesson when I actually said yes.

Love requires risk.

I was absolutely certain of my decision when Randy and I got engaged, but that didn't mean there wasn't a risk. There's always a risk. There was a slight risk when Randy asked, that I would say no. Even if he knew I would say yes, there's always that chance.

I knew that I would love Randy forever and that he would be good to me. I knew we would be happy. But we were young, Randy had only been home for a few months, there were some people who weren't too happy about our decision. All of these were risk factors.

And we moved forward, willing to grab that risk and let love take control.

Now obviously, there are some risks that aren't worth love, or what you think is love. There are so many cases of abuse where people think they're just taking a risk, when really what is going on isn't love.

But in healthy, good relationships there are always risks. Risks of being vulnerable, of hurting them, of them hurting you. Between parents and children, spouses, friends, there are always these reasons to say no. To stay away from the risk. But then, you take the chance of never truly being happy.

I'm so glad that I learned about love and risk that day, 2 years ago, when Randy got down on one knee. I took the risk that day, and said yes. And I will forever be so grateful that I did.

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