Lessons On Love: Things

1:09 PM

I know it's important not to care too much about "things."

Things are fleeting, we don't get to keep them, etc. etc.

But I do think it's valuable to find joy and love in the "things" around you and in the "things" you are able to have.

I'm a sentimental crazy person who hordes memories and mementos like they're food storage, and will help keep me alive during the big storm.

But sometimes, these "things" do help us find happiness and love during dark times.

Things like Christmas decorations that were my great-grandmothers. Notes and small gifts from my mom that sit on my shelf. Books from my parents that make me cry when I read them. Jewelry from Randy that he gave me when we were barely dating, and could barely afford it. Pictures and pictures and pictures. The big cozy blanket Randy and I got for our wedding that has kept us warm during a million movie nights. The shirt I wore on the day Randy came home from his mission, and on the day we got engaged.

In the grand scheme, things don't matter. But it is nice to have things that you love, that make your life happy!

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