Lessons On Love: Galentine's Day

12:00 PM

Today is Galentine's Day, which is one of my FAVORITE days.

I have so many lovely ladies in my life who are the best friends I could ask for.

The lessons I have learned from them are innumerable, but there's a specific one I want to talk about.

The love of a friend is beyond who you like spending time with at the mall, who you hang out with in class or at work, who is fun to talk to about movies and boys.

It's the people who you can call, sobbing, who will drop anything to come help you. It's the people who will spend their time making sure you know they care, they make you feel loved and so appreciated.

It's the ones you call just to chat, you make time for, the ones that you haven't seen in years but it still feels perfect when you get back together.

It's the women that make me want to be a better woman. The women who help me see my potential and who make me stronger. It's the women I want to emulate and who see more in me than I can see in myself.

I'm not always as good of a Galentine as I'd like to be. I'm certainly working on it though.

I have so much love for the women who taught me that there is an army of support waiting for me.

I also don't have pics of all my Galentine's here on this computer, so these few will have to suffice!

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