Lessons On Love: A New Capacity

4:29 PM

I never truly understood the capacity of love I could have for others until I became a mom. I grew up in a great family. There was always love between my parents and brother, and a sister-in law when she came into the family. I fell in love with my husband as we dated and he served a mission, and his family as we’ve spent the last five years together. I’ve always loved, and been loved. I am truly lucky that way.

It wasn’t until we got pregnant and brought a baby into this world that I really started to learn how much love I had to give. When we found out we were pregnant I was excited and already loving the baby inside me. Then the weeks passed and we found out ‘it’ was a girl! I felt like I developed an even closer connection and I started to love her even more.

As the weeks passed I loved the little one inside of me. About a month before she was going to join us we found out that we were going to need an emergency C-section. I felt the great love my husband had for me as we prepped for surgery and as he came in to sit by me during the operation. We heard the doctor call out a time of birth and then after what felt like hours I heard our little girl cry. I had yet to see this little girl, but I was so happy and relieved that this little person I already loved so much was safe.

Since then my love for our daughter has done nothing but grow, as well as the love I have for my husband as I see the two of them interact. My favorite thing is to be in the other room and hear her giggles as her dad tickles and plays with her. She is the cutest little toddler in the world, and as her mom I have a completely unbiased opinion! And now as I anticipate the arrival of her little brother in May, I look forward to feeling that great burst of love again when I hear that cry for the first time. Of course, I am already in love with him, but I know that my love for him will grow. I don’t know where I ever got this capacity to love so much, but I’m grateful that I have it.

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