Homecoming, State Fair, Farmer's Market and Fall Walk

12:41 PM

This weekend was pretty jam packed!

Friday Randy and I went straight from work to the State Fair with our friends. It was SO much fun! We ate a host of delicious things (corn dog, Cup Bop, poutine, and DEEP FRIED COOKIE DOUGH. which was amazing and don't judge.) We saw animals, heard some crazy music, walked through some of the art submissions, and saw a sculpture made of butter. All of it was quite impressive! Our friend Alexon also won two GIANT Smurfs for winning some fair games, so we dragged them around during the whole night which was way fun!

Saturday we woke up and headed downtown to go to the Salt Lake Farmer's Market. It was my beautiful bestie Courtney's birthday, so we wandered around the market with them, ate some amazing Mediterranean food, had the best limeade I have EVER had, and chatted the afternoon away! After lunch, we went back to Kaysville to see my youngest sister off to homecoming! It was her first dance, and it was so awesome to help her get ready and see her off. It's crazy to think that my baby sister is old enough to go to dances! She went with Jarem who our family loves, and it was fun to spend time with her getting all dolled up! Liv had just gotten her wisdom teeth out, and she joined the married CHOP OFF YOUR HAIR club, which was such a fun surprise!

Then we headed back to Salt Lake for a small birthday party for Courtney, then it was back home for some late night ramen and movies.

Sunday we went to church, then it was back to Kaysville again for a drive/walk in the beautiful mountains with my family, and dinner/frisbee with Randy's family. We love living so close to family and getting to spend so much time with them! I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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