Boston Travel Series - Day 5

8:18 PM

Day 5 of our Boston trip was one of our favorite days! We woke up and went with Ben and Kim to Harvard and had the grand tour. We saw the law library which is HUGE and so beautiful. We went up to one of the floors and could see the whole campus, they also have a museum inside the library with some rare books and paintings, which was really cool.

We walked the Harvard Yard and all the freshmen were arriving that day, which was so fun to see! We went to the regular library and learned about the family that donated the library, basically the story is that the father and son drowned on the Titanic, so the mom donated all their books and built the library, but required the school to never change it and to have an office with fresh flowers for her dead husband. You walk in the library and see the huge marble pillars and the office, with fresh flowers on the table, and it's really incredible. It was one of Randy and my favorite things that we did in Boston!

We also saw the freshman dining hall, which looks like Hogwarts! People who aren't freshmen are NOT allowed inside. So we went into the chapel where they have memorials to all the students of Harvard who died in different wars. It's so beautiful inside!

We also saw the famous statue, it's like the 3rd most photographed statue in the world! The students go and rub his toe, so it's rubbed gold!

We also walked through an exhibit on the Harvard Lampoon, the satirical magazine (somewhat like The Onion). It was SO cool to see who was involved with the magazine in the past, including John Adams, etc. And to see what kinds of things they satirized and how far they've come! Ben had some awesome stories to tell us all over the campus and we got lucky to have such awesome tour guides.

We then walked to Insomnia Cookies, which was delightful. And then we went and had Japanese ramen. It was SO good, and fun to hear the Japanese and see Ben and Randy both understand it!

We walked to the Harvard Store and saw all the freshmen there buying merchandise. It was SO busy and reminded me so much of the BYU bookstore! It was way cool.

Then because we hadn't eaten enough yet, went stopped by JP Licks for some ice cream which was delightful! We walked through the campus with our ice cream for a bit, and it was so much fun!

Ben then took us through the Harvard Art Museum while Kim and Candace went home for a nap. The Harvard Art Museum is really awesome! There are works by Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, Japanese Art, etc. It was awesome to walk through and see artists that Randy and I have studied, and go through with my brother and geek out over artists together!

We walked back to the apartment and just hung out for a while, and then Ben and Kim went to a movie and we got to babysit!

We fed Candace and ourselves, played with lots of toys, read books and did things like this....


basically I'm stoked for when we have kids of our own to play around with.

Ben and Kim got home, we put the baby to bed, discussed at length the pros and cons of Star Trek, watched the Olympics and played games.

It was such a fun day, and hanging out with Candace, Ben and Kim was seriously such a blast!

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