Boston Travel Series - Day 4

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Day 4 of our Boston adventure started waking up and learning there had been a tornado warning overnight! This seemed pretty unusual for Boston, but we decided to go on with our plans! 

We started by driving to Concord for another day of fun, we knew we'd want two days with so much to see! We started on the Minutemen Highway, stopping first at the Visitor Center to learn about the path that the British and Colonists had taken to drive the British back to Boston. The actual battle road is still there! It was awesome to watch the interactive video they had to get us back in the history! Again, there was a reference to the Shot Heard Round The World at Concord, and we were still as confused as ever! We then went to the Hartwell Tavern which still is an original building with everything 

We were shocked when we got there to find that the tornado warning had meant crazy winds and a bit of a mess in Concord! The street where the Orchard House is was closed due to power outages and downed power lines, etc. We decided to have an early lunch and come back later to see if the house was open. We went to Walden Pizza Company which was DELICIOUS. The pizza was thin crust and everyone behind the counter was speaking Italian! Very authentic and yummy. We then of course had to have ice cream at Reasons To Be Cheerful, and it was SO good. Creamy and thick chocolate. 

After lunch, we went back to see if the Orchard House was open yet, we walked down the street to find that it was still out of power and closed. We were pretty bummed (me especially) but it is ok! Because after that, we headed out to Walden pond! It's one of my favorite places in the entire world. 

Henry David Thoreau came to that very pond to live in solitude for a little over two years. It's absolutely beautiful, and it's even more amazing to think about Thoreau living there by himself for two years. He wasn't too far from town or his family, but there in the woods he lived in a peaceful solitude. We stopped by first at the cabin replica of Thoreau's. It's SO tiny, cramped for even one person! We then went onto the beach which was full of people swimming and playing in the sand. We then walked in the woods over to the actual location of the cabin. There's a gigantic pile of rocks that people have set there in memory of Thoreau. There's a sign with one of his most famous quotes from "Walden" and the outline of where the shed and cabin would have been. It's amazing to be in that spot, where he lived and walked and thought. He changed a world with the things he thought and wrote there. Something about that place speaks to my soul, and it was so perfect to get to be there and bring Randy there. 

Inside the cabin replica

Cabin site and rocks

After hanging out at Walden for a bit, we drove back around Concord and talked about how beautiful the houses and scenery were. We then headed back to Cambridge so Ben and Kim could use their car! 

We went with Ben and Kim to Mt. Auburn Cemetery next, and it was super awesome! It's a beautiful cemetery with people like Winslow Homer buried there. They also have this tower in the middle of the cemetery. We climbed up, and because the city is so flat, you can see EVERYTHING from up there. We looked out onto the city and all the green trees and I wanted to cry, it was that beautiful! We got so lucky to have Ben and Kim as tour guides, and getting to spend time with them and Candace was so wonderful! 

For dinner, Randy and I headed off to a sushi restaurant. We decided to order something called "The Party Boat" which had pieces of sashimi and sushi. We love seafood and wanted to get as much as possible! Little did we know....

that the sushi would literally come on a boat! It was SO cute and fun, haha but the people at the restaurant were giving us funny looks! It was delicious and fresh and so awesome.

After that we walked to a chocolate shop where Ben and Kim told us there was great hot chocolate. It was a little bit cooler than normal that night, so we took advantage and went and got some hot cocoa! It was SO rich and delicious! 

We then wandered around Cambridge and got a little lost, but we didn't even mind because it was so beautiful. The homes all look so old and historic, and it was so pretty. We chatted about future trips and dreams and it was one of my favorite nights on the trip.

Day five coming up! 

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