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Again, I'm the worst and only took ONE picture this Thanksgiving. ONE. I'm the WORST.

Ok I was enjoying time with my family though, so you'll just have to read about it!

First though, a few days of gratitude left!

November 24th: I'm grateful for music. Heavenly Father obviously loves us so much to provide us such a wonderful thing to help us be happy.
November 25th: I'm grateful for Kaysville. I love my hometown so so SO much. So many people give me lip about living in Utah my whole life, but it has been absolutely wonderful for me.

Cleaning out my desk was hard. 
November 26th: I'm grateful for for the amazing opportunities life has thrown at me. I left my job at BYU Radio to move on to a different adventure (that I'll be announcing tomorrow. Stay tuned.) But I am so lucky to have had the amazing experiences in my life. Heavenly Father has been looking out for me.
November 27th: I'm grateful for Thanksgiving! What an amazing holiday. This Thanksgiving was so wonderful! We started the day with a Turkey Bowl (that turned into Ultimate Frisbee) which was SO fun. Then we went around as a family and shared what we were grateful for, and got to talk to my brother and sister-in-law in Boston before they headed to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving. All of my extended family got together and ate and ate and ate and played games (Rook and Bang are our favorites) and talked and laughed, and we just had such a great time. I have so many wonderful memories of are crazy family get togethers, and I feel so lucky to have been blessed with my family. Love you all!

We are so cool.

Also, just a week and a half until Elder Low is home! I'm going crazy I'm so excited! 

Happy Black Friday everyone, and happy Thanksgiving and happy gratitude month!

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