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Hello friends!

I've been a major slacker at posting lately, it's because I'm so darn busy!

School, work, and the food drive are all I have time for these days!

Let's play a little catch up on gratitude, yeah?

November 10th: I'm grateful for the BYU Food Drive. I had the opportunity to participate last year, and I'm doing it all again this year! It's awesome, so fun, and so much work! We're gathering food for the people in Utah County who suffer from food insecurity, not knowing where their next meal is coming from. We've been working like crazy to host fun events and get food and money donations! Contact me if you're in Provo and interested in helping out!

(check it out: BYU Food Drive Article)

November 11th: I'm so grateful for those who fight to defend our country. We are so lucky to live in the land of the free, because of the brave. Thanks to all those currently serving, and to everyone who has served to protect this God blessed land!

November 12th: I'm thankful for my ultimate frisbee team. Seems silly, but seriously it made this semester so much fun! I loved getting to meet new people, and run around playing the game. I'm not the best, but I enjoyed every second playing with the BYU Radio Team.

November 13th: I'm grateful for family. I lucked out getting the best family in the whole world! They're so supportive and wonderful, and I don't know what I would do without them. I'm so glad they're stuck with me for eternity!

November 14th: I'm grateful for my best friends. I've been struggling feeling unsure of myself, confused, and even a little sad lately. I have the best friends who bring me cookies, make me dinner, and tell me that everything is going to be ok. My life would be a whole lot less wonderful without them.

November 15th: I'm grateful for football! I love heading to the stadium all bundled up and excited to cheer for my team. I'm so sad I only have one BYU home football game left as a student, On to bigger and better things I guess...but I'm sure going to miss it!

November 16th: I'm thankful for hospitals and medicine. I met my sweet little self-proclaimed god-daughter Addie Juliette on Sunday. And wow, is she wonderful! I'm just thankful for modern medicine and the advancements and comfort it gives to us. We are so lucky!

November 17th: Today, I'm thankful for the career path I picked. There are some people in my major who have no desire to get a job in what we're studying, and I'm just thankful that Heavenly Father helped me find a path that I love. I'm so excited to get out their and follow my dreams with a news/communications career. I'm a lucky girl!

Friends, I'm so blessed, and thanks to all of you who make my life sweet.

Happy Monday everyone!

And happy-three-weeks-left....what? Where has the time gone?

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