eShakti and gratitude

12:32 PM

For November 2nd I'm grateful for my roommates. Seriously, these three girls put up with so much from me. I'm really lucky to have them and I'm lucky they keep putting up with me every single day.

And today...I'm grateful for clothes! I love all the seasons here in Utah and the chance it gives me to wear all different kinds of outfits! I'm glad I live in a place where I can express myself with my style, and that I have enough money to buy clothes.

And speaking of clothes....

I got a lovely little package in the mail the other day....I love packages and clothes so when I get day ever! is absolutely delightful. I ordered a shirt online and had it CUSTOMIZED to my height! I usually wear a size small, but sometimes it feels like the "small" is really designed for someone who is SUPER skinny and SUPER tall. Which is not me. eShakti let me tell them how tall I was so my shirt would actually fit me, imagine that!

So I ordered the shirt and it got to me within a week! Fast shipping? Major plus. There's a wide variety of things to buy there, from more bohemian styles, to professional, to elegant. Seriously, so many different types of clothes that are all cute! For any age. Promise. High school to mom of a high schooler, these are adorable!

AND HOW CUTE IS THIS SHIRT? Seriously. Such a cute pattern and a perfect fit! I can pair it with a skirt or dress slacks for work, and then throw on jeans and have a rockin' date night outfit! Wear it with a jacket when it's cold, or by itself when it's hot! It's quality material, well lined, modest, and basically I'm obsessed. 

So. is TOTALLY great. 

I even love it so much, I've talked them into giving YOU a discount code!

just go to, order something cute, and then when you get to checkout type in 'averagedayofaginger' and get 10% OFF! You can use that code as many times as you want from today to December 3rd! Seriously guys, this is an awesome deal for an awesome place to get some winter clothes! 

 Promise you won't regret it!

Happy gratitude month, and happy shopping, and happy Monday!

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