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Wow guys, this month has been rough. One of the harder months for me to get through. So I'm super glad I've been doing this gratitude thing, so I have to look at all the wonderful and amazing things that happen even in spite of all the not so wonderful and amazing things.

November 18th. Today I am so grateful for my high school experience being involved in theater. Being a part of the musical, getting to know some incredible people, and making friends that last forever is such a huge blessing. It made me a better person, it made me who I am. There's this huge part of my life that only some will understand, and that's being a part of the Davis High Musical. What an experience. I miss it every single day.

Shows come and go, people don't have to.

November 19th (happy birthday beautiful Kim!): I'm thankful for temples. Without the temple, this cute family of mine couldn't be together forever and always. I'm so happy that I know that there is a house of God on earth, and because of it, death has no power. 

And today, November 20th, for the opening night of The Nutcracker...I'm grateful for dance. I have been a dancer since age 3. Quitting and pursuing other passions was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and not a day goes by that I don't really miss it. I love sneaking away to the RB and dancing for a bit, until I realize how not-good I am anymore! Anyway the point is this; I grew up on stage, with a leotard and tights and a bun in my hair. I still think I'm happiest when I'm on my toe shoes. Being a ballerina was complete and utter bliss, and the memories I have running around Weber State, lacing up costumes, keeping clothes on at the bar when it was freezing. All of those memories will be with me forever. To everyone who made my dancing dreams a reality, thank you. To all you beautiful Clytie Dancers (especially my sister) break a leg! 

Now enjoy some OLD pictures. 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

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  1. Haha oh my gosh I totally sneak into the rb sometimes to dance too! I love it but its so sad to realize how much you can forget and lose. Seriously tho, dancing at Clytie's gave me some of the best memories!


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