There's been a murder....and you're all suspects

10:03 AM

Holy cow. What a weekend. What a life we have friends! 

First of all, I got my first pair of Nikes. So can lick the bottom. So maybe I'm copying the Dubois tradition. It's fine! 

Feeling real lucky to have known Andrew James Dubois for a whole year. I'd be a totally different person if I didn't know him. Thanks for being my best friend, adopted brother, and my person. 

This weekend we had a murder mystery dinner. It was seriously one of the most fun things we've done this year! We had a murder mystery freshman year and it was amazing...and we decided we had to bring it back! We all dressed up, got scripts and character descriptions, ate food and got clues. It was a blast! If you want to know how to throw your own murder mystery party, comment below! It was SO easy and I'd love to help you plan yours! 
Also, the pumpkin spice and caramel apple sparkling cider drinks they're selling at Smiths' right now...PRIME. So good. We also made some delicious food (when I say WE I mean my roommates did). Comment below for recipes for tomato cheese bites, apple dip and spinach dip!

My cute fam came down from home to spend the day with me! They even brought me a coke with my name on it...aren't they the cutest?? We had gyros from my favorite truck, went to the MOA to see the costume exhibit, went to my work so I could show it off, and had my FAVORITE food for dinner...Sri Lankian at Banana Leaf! Then off to the football game... 

 Where they were able to meet my best friends! What an awesome day:) (Beth isn't in the picture...she was busy meeting up with her friends!)

Last night we had a great talk with my group of friends. It was honestly so awesome. I'm just feeling really blessed with where I live and where I go to school, with the family I was given and the friends I found. I have some crazy decisions to make, but it's so wonderful knowing that there are people who care about me and want me to succeed. What a lovely life!

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Maddy! Help me plan one, please!

  2. Mmm... that sounds really yummy... especially the spinach dip...


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