General Conference

2:49 PM

Holy crow! General Conference has come and gone. And what an amazing, uplifting, wonderful weekend it was! I love getting to listen to the leaders of my church tell us what a God in Heaven wants us to know. Aren't we lucky!

Here are some of my favorite quotes, and favorite talks from this wonderful weekend!

James Birdsall took this picture and made this image. What a guy!

If you want to know what General Conference is, shoot me a message! I would love to explain! 

This weekend truly was amazing. It just reminded me how lucky I am to know a loving Father in heaven who wants only the best for me. I am positive that he lives and he loves his children. I know that more than I know anything, it's the one thing that I am sure of. I want to share my love of my religion with everyone, because it's the only thing that brings me happiness in this crazy, messed up world. 

Happy Monday everyone! 

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