Get ice cream and stop caring

8:27 PM

I got an email from my beloved Courtney RarararaRADA last night at about 2:30 AM (I have yet to figure out the time difference from Hungary to Utah) and when I woke up and had her wise words to push me through the day. She's just delightful.

So Short advised me in different words, but I'll paraphrase for you all. She basically told me that some days are going to be hard, and it's best on those days to get ice cream, and don't care what anybody thinks.

And I needed that today.

Some days really are rough. They're filled with too much school and not enough motivation to power through it, people who gossip about you and the people you love, a lack of chocolate, bad hair days, missing you so much it knocks the wind out of me, worry, and as Holly Golightly would say, the mean reds.

But then you get some ice cream (or in my case, ice cream and pumpkin spice M&M's, and stop caring. There's only one person's opinion who matters. So I'm going to pray a little harder to day, study a little longer, and have Him help me have a better day, and stop caring about all the little things and the mean people.

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  1. You're friend is a genius. How often do we think if we have a bad day we have to push right on through it, when sometimes it is okay just to sit and eat ice cream :)

  2. As of right now, the difference between Utah and Hungary is 7 hours. Just in case anyone was still wondering. Thanks for the wise words, Maddy.


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