The Hive

3:16 PM

This weekend was quite delightful. It entailed me going home and heading to two baby showers (I don't have photo evidence...but I was there. Promise.) I love spending time with my family, it's always way too much fun! They seriously rock, and my friends in good ol' Kaysville are amazing. It's always a treat to see them! 

Then...there was hiking. I love the Stewart Falls hike, it's not too hard, there's a waterfall at the end, and the sights are beautiful! Add the changing fall leaves to that...'tis a perfect combination. 

These great friends of mine rock! 

This is we really are. 
Also. Let it be known that our apartment finally has a name! Heidi's still a little reluctant about it...but we now live in The Hive. We're like busy bees and as Liv puts's our Honey honey comb? Get it? Good.

For some reason the past few weeks have been stressful. Lots to do and no motivation to do it, people to visit and the feeling like I'm not doing enough to be a good friend, typhoons in Japan that make my stomach knot up, even though there's probably nothing to worry about. But despite all of this stress and uncertainty, I'm happy. I have wonderful friends and people in my life, a religion that comforts and guides me, a family that I adore, and everything I need. I'm very blessed friends.

Happy Monday everyone! 

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