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I was cruising through some of my favorite blogs today, when I saw something utterly shocking. Anyone who follows Meg In Progress knows she is a doll. An utter doll. I have the pleasure of knowing her personally, and she's even more wonderful in person. Anyway. I was reading her lovely post about feeding our children intellectually. And a comment on that eloquent post completely bashed Meg. Seriously tore her apart. I was shocked. I'm still a little shocked frankly.

I'm not always the kindest person, I'll admit. I have moments of being snappy and rude and bossy. Like most people.

And after seeing that utterly inappropriate and rude comment, I've decided I've had enough.

I've had rude comments on my blog. I've had people call me out in demeaning and unacceptable ways. I've had people who I thought were my friends, belittle my work, and try to belittle my worth.

I'm not going to be a part of it anymore.

So let me apologize to those I've been unkind to. I hope I've never done it as blatantly as I've seen it done, but if I have I am so very sorry. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.

Working in the news industry, I see and hear about terrible things that happen every single day. People who are downright cruel and terrible. It scares me. There is already enough ugly in the world without my back-biting, gossiping, demeaning words. Or yours.

Please think twice before you comment something rude. Please think twice before you say something negative about someone who isn't in the room. Please think twice. I know I'm going to.

Some of you are probably going to say I'm a hypocrite. Others will say that I'm wasting Internet space, making empty promises to myself and others. Say what you want, but I'm done saying things that don't add to beauty in the world.

Now. My Pinterest raid of kindness quotes!

Sorry for the rant friends. I made this blog to get out my feelings, so there they are. I'm going to try and take a stand for kindness. Heaven knows this planet doesn't need another cranky, rude, gossiping girl who knows how to bad-mouth and look good doing it.

Anyway. Happy Thursday everyone. And happy words!

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  1. Amen sista! Sometimes I don't get why people are so rude to others, especially when they don't really know the person. Thank you for sharing these kindness quotes. Such a great reminder!


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