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Be prepared for a LONG post :)

First of all. I went to prom this weekend. And it was FABULOUS. Best dance ever I think it's safe to say. So I spend all day getting ready and doing my hair. And I slip on my dress and feel great. And Randy knocks on the door and I open it. He looks at me, then proceeds to stumble inside and start taking the corsage out of the box and get ready to put it on...and I'm all...well hello to you too....and then I pinned on the boutinere...first try :) And we took some then we were off. We rode in Randy's car...which normally would've bugged me, but it didn't that day. We had fun driving and got to SLC and parked, marvled at the pillasters and columns in the ionic order at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, got some CUTE pictures.....had a bit of an ordeal with the dinner plans after which we just said "to heck with it" sat down and ordered. Our waiter was SO funny and nice and we had good food....and good dessert. We even sang Jordyn Happy Birthday so she could release a balloon into the atmosphere.

Then off to the dance. We got pictures at the dance too and then danced our hearts out, commented on the architecture, walked around on the porch and saw the city, slow danced and sang while we did. Needless to say, it was perfect. We drove home using our new-found accents to comment on how "spleeenddddid" the night was. We stopped by Randy's house and saw his parents, who are great, then off to Cam's house for some cuddling and "How to Train Your Dragon." Then I fell asleep on the way home....and I'll leave the doorstep scene to your own imagination.

To sum up everything.....

Prom was perfect. Senior year has been more or less perfect. Everything is going swimmingly. :)

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