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Flutterbies. Everywhere you looked. The flutterbies. Flying in and out and around the dark sky. Sometimes hiding the moon and sometimes letting it shine. For a moment. Their wings were silent, yet the wings of all of them together made a rush in her ears. In her heart. She stifled screams and extended her hands to let the energy inside of her run out her fingers, instead of out her mouth. And the flutterbies flew. She closed her eyes tight to replay the moment when they started flying in. From everywhere. Flooding the canvas of her life. Flooding inside of her stomach and head. Then they froze. For one moment. Then started flying twice as fast and twice as many. She forgot to breathe until they reminded her with the swishing of the air beneath their fluttering wings. She had some kind of illness. How was he doing this??

Just the flutterbies.

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