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I'm happy. Really, genuinely happy. And I want to tell you why.

So a few days ago my phone goes KAPUT and I am left with basically a "brand new phone" in my old phone. AKA no numbers, no saved texts, nothing. I was a leetle streeesed. And then Hailee comes over. And gives me a beautiful picture of Christ and this note that makes me cry. She didn't know how much stress I was feeling and how much I appreciate that note and picture. Hailee is one of those people I can talk about the gospel with all the time, and I love that. She's the kind of person I want to be. I don't tell her anywhere near enough, but she's the steady friend I lean on, probably too much. She's like a tree basically. That I lean on, frequently.

Then Randy comes over and we dye Easter eggs with my family and he sits there and listens while I vent about my phone and cry haha. Then we go off the next day to our day activity. This kid picks me up early so we can go to the Gateway and fix my phone, walks around with me while I buy prom acessories and is just as happy as I am when my phone is fixed and the nice man gives us a validation for parking. Great start to a great day. We go to Thanksgiving Point and go to the petting zoo before it closes. We feed horses and goats and pet cows, and he doesn't even complain even though it's not his cup of tea persay. Then off to get a brownie sundae because I can't control certain chocolate cravings I have. Then everyone else arrives and we have a blast riding golf carts through the beautiful gardens and going through the dino museum. And Bandy laughs when I laugh, runs around like an idiot when I do, builds stupid dams and dinosaurs with me. Then I have this urge to go to IKEA, so we do. And act out the scene from 500 days of summer (MINUS RACE YOU TO THE BEDROOM...sketch.) Then walk around in City Creek, get dinner, SEE HAILEY HAUGEN AND BRAD DEVINE. I had a minor spaz attack and Bandy was patient through it :) I make him walk through Tiffany's with me and then he takes me home. He's a gem. Really though. A gem.

I have really great friends. These are just two examples of them. There's also Em who never fails to make me smile, Ash who always wants to do stupid things with me, Morgan Miller who never fails to invite me to things even when I say I can't go most of the time, Kira who is my little sister :) just a lot of people like that who I love.

Lastly. It's Easter. I love Easter so much. The Atonement has come to have such a big meaning on my life, I am so thankful for Christ and his willingness to LIVE and die for me. I know that this gospel is real. I would be so selfish to not share my knowledge of it. It is truly the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. I am glad my family strives to live the gospel, and I am glad my friends do too. I love having people who truly have Christ's image in their countenances all around me. I love the Lord and will ever be indebted to him. So on this Easter day I hope everyone remembers their Savior everyday, but especially today.

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