Muffy and Tipper Meet

10:13 AM

So here comes a long post with a story included :) This blog isn't read by too many people and it's kinda my journal? Ish? Anyway I don't feel bad making a long story post because the people who read it will want to read it :)

With that being said.

First of all some spiritual thoughts. So we had a Seminary class president meeting about things to do with our class. And we're doing a "spring cleaning" of things to clean out of your life through the Atonement. It's an excellent idea really. And so during class when we were talking about Isaiah and, repentence of all things, I started freaking out about things I've done. Freaking out that getting up in seminary to talk to my class about the Atonement would be hypocritical. And then I flipped over to Isaiah 41: 8-13. Go read it. It's amazing stuff. I think it hit me, for the first time in a few years, I'm fine. I'm doing what I can and everything in the past doesn't matter. Because the Atonement is real, and if I keep trying not to make mistakes, the ones that do slip out are fixable. It's a great thing to know.

Anyway change of topic now. Here's a story about boy meets girl. Sue me if I copy Abi Newhouse. Actually...don't sue me. That isn't the point.

Once upon a time, Tipper and Muffy met tea at the Grand America Hotel around 2:00 PM. Neither of them liked tea, but it would be a shame to not get dressed up and go. Tipper was hoping his favorite cakes would be on the menu, and Muffy was hoping an old boyfriend would be there so she could flaunt her new hat and dress, to show him what he was missing. A funny thing happened. Muffy's ordinary table was somehow taken, most likely due to the fact that her old beau had a new girl, and the table was under his name, the table Tipper had requested was given away to an out-of-town dignitary. So Muffy and Tipper wound up sitting at the same table, a two person, white starched table cloth, rosy colorful china, hot chocolate rather than tea, finger sandwiches and Lady Baltimore cake type of table.
Wellll helllooooo, she said in her snobbish tone.
Yes mmand hellooo to you as wellll he said in an equally snobbish tone.
They sipped hot chocolate, pretending it was tea, raised their eyebrows around the room, sniggered at each other when their eyes met.
I reeeeally must be going, Tipper announced after his third slice of cake.
Mmmhmmm yes oh really I muuuuuust as well, Muffy annouced, trying to delicately swallow a bitter cucumber sandwich.

It was love at first sight.

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