LOVE WEEK - A House In Your Heart

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Nannette is one of my best friends. She is so laid back and relaxed, but is never hesitant to tell you her opinion, or reach out to help you. She knows how to have a great time, and always makes me feel heard and cared about. She's SO talented in writing and drawing, is bold enough to try the coolest haircuts and styles, and is the most sincere and genuine person I know. Her words are beautiful, and you're going to love them.

I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day the way movies say you should. Hell, I rarely watch romantic comedies because they strike me as cheesy and over-the-top. (That being said, I will watch “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” a thousand times. It’s SO CUTE.) As such, grand romantic gestures aren’t my cup of tea, and while flowers are beautiful, they just take up space until they wilt and you throw them away.
Once upon a time, I might have wanted something grandiose, showered with gifts and proclamations of love. Now, though, after dating and growing up, I’ve found that it’s the little, day-to-day mundanities that I cherish most.
Love, to me, is coming home to a warm, well-lit apartment and my partner’s smile. It’s waiting for him to come home after a long day of work. It’s eating together, catching up on TV shows together, and sharing our hobbies. It’s talking late into the night, long after we should be asleep, talking about anything and everything. It’s listening to the same stories over and over again (on his part, anyway; I have a short memory and a need to verbalize my every thought at the risk of going mad).
It’s not about grand gestures and social media posts; it’s about building a life together in the heart of our little two-bedroom apartment and dreaming of what comes next. It’s about knowing you’ve got someone in your corner, no matter what. It’s quiet, subtle. It’s about sharing this life and building it together, hand-in-hand and eye-to-eye.
It’s companionship and passion and playing and imperfect. It’s finding someone who fits into your life, whose life you fit into. It’s about promises and choices. It’s about making memories you can press like flowers between the pages of your mind.
It’s finding the person who builds their house in your heart.

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