LOVE WEEK - Love that is deeper than laughter

6:24 PM

This post is from my sweet high-school friend Shayli. I have so many fun, gut-splitting laughter memories with Shayli. She's one of those people that I won't see for a really long time, and then when we do see each other, we get right back into our friendship, and start laughing again. She's always such a happy and positive person, and truly cares about other people. You'll love what she has to say about love! ALSO check out this darling photo by Kendra Bird Photography. She's so talented!

 I truly believe love evolves. I have been with my spouse for over 4 years now and looking back I can see how our love has changed. At the beginning I feel we were drawn to love through attraction and fun times together. Since then, we have grown far deeper in love. Don’t get me wrong, love is definitely found in the laughter that makes you laugh so hard you almost pee, love is found in the crazy late night adventures that take you to McDonald’s at 2am, love is found in the daily tasks of accomplishing life together. However, to me, love is serving your spouse when they don’t feel like getting out of bed, love is doing a silly dance when your significant other can’t find their smile, love is holding your partner when they feel they are lost and alone. Love is what molds us into who we are. I know I couldn’t do this life without the love my husband shows me and the love I have for him. Love makes us strong. It gives us courage to overcome our greatest fears. It heals. It uplifts. It inspires. You can never love too much. 

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