February Love

7:28 PM

We're just living the dream over here! Randy works and works and works, I work and work and work, and also play with Graham and try to keep our house clean!

We spent last weekend shopping and hanging out with family, and of course watching the Super Bowl!

Saturday was February 2nd, the day Randy and I got engaged FOUR years ago. Holy cow, time has gone by so insanely fast. We ate Mrs. Field's cookies to celebrate! You can read the whole proposal story here.

Graham and I have been going on some fun adventures including feeding the ducks, the grocery store, Target (duh), the mothers room at church about a zillion times, and more.

G man is CRAWLING officially and it's INSANE. He's SO fast I can't even handle it. He's also started making this little scrunch face all the time and it's hilarious. He's growing up too fast and I don't know how to handle it!

We have an insane month ahead, filled with work and projects and activities - it's going to be a wild one.


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