25 Things About Randy For His 25th Birthday

7:35 AM

1. Randy is the cutest, best dad in the world, from reading stories and singing songs to staying up late to teach G about the Jazz, he’s the best
2. He is the best dresser and loves shopping
3. He could eat ramen for every meal
4. He can pick up almost any instrument and play it well; he’s particularly amazing at drums, guitar, and piano
5. His celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling
6. He waits up on Thursday nights to hear the brand new music that gets released and love to always be on top of new stuff
7. He started kickboxing about a year ago, and has become really good, and really obsessed
8. He puts his socks on inside out all the time and it drives me nuts
9. He currently teaches the youth in our ward and they are obsessed with him, and know him as the ramen guy
10. He loves movies and can talk about them all day
11. His favorite thing about any house is a fireplace 
12. He loves his friends and family and is so loyal
13. He would take a big city over a beach or mountain vacation any day
14. His dream job would be to be in a rock band
15. Indiana Jones was his first hero, and probably still is his biggest one
16. He is definitely not a morning person
17. He can hear a song one time, and figure out how to play it on the piano and guitar
18. He hates change
19. He loves sweet drinks like hot cocoa and smoothies more than most treats
20. He gets very stressed when deciding how to get his hair cut
21. He loves watching Japanese TV and correcting the translation
22. He’s very snobby about sushi
23. He loves big warm blankets and can always be found wrapped up in them
24. He loves to tease but knows where the line is, and doesn’t cross it
25. He’s the love of my life and I’m so insanely lucky he picked me

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