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So my mom went into surgery yesterday, so I was mom for the day. Sorta. With a 16 and 12 year old sister, I kinda felt superfluous, but still. I can pretend right? :)

So while my mom was gone, we went to Cherry Hill in the early hours of the morning, made a cute craft for Bethany's friend and for my own selfish reasons, made two delicious meals, visited my mom, I got to spend time with two great friends (Emi and Haley. Ya'll are the best) and watched Safe Haven. All in all, it was a great day!

Here's how to make these cute canvas quote boards:

Find your quote! Go get canvas from the store (we got ours at Hobby Lobby). Get some sticker letters that you think will pull back easily. We used cardstock stickers, but I'm sure other kinds will also work! Then use a ruler to mark where you want the letters, and make sure they'll all fit on the canvas you've picked! FYI, my quote is from Persuasion by Jane Austen. I know, right?

My ugly picture of acrylic paint. I found that the acrylic paint was PERFECT.

Paint all over the canvas, making sure that the stickers are tight down before you paint over them. Paint in one direction or it'll look smudgy!

Peel the stickers off. WAIT until the canvas is dry! And don't worry about peeling the paint off. You won't!

Touch up with paint and if you're my sister, you use a brush and paint in the grooves the stickers left for an AWESOME effect. Isn't she talented?

That's it:)

This is Feta Mac n Cheese and Fried Turkey. Want the recipe? Send me a message!
We had too much fun visiting my mom. We were joking about putting this picture on instagram and being annoying by over-hashtagging. This is what the caption was going to be:
Visiting mom! #loveher #surgery #hospital #sistersb4misters #whoneedsguysanyway #weloveeachother #sis #bffs #bestfriends #welovemom #visits #hospitalsarescary #love #family #familiesare4ever #heart #momsfeelinggreat #thankgoodness

You get the idea? We think we're funny.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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  1. Glad that your mom is doing well. Love the canvases, and your sister is crafty. I love the effect with the three colors.


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