100 degrees

3:07 PM

It's 100 degrees today. Just let that sink in. It's 100 degrees today.

Summer. Perfection. Some say "Oh that's too hot." And yes, it is too hot. But it's perfect. I couldn't put my hands on the steering wheel because it was burning. I work at a waterpark, and it was packed (more on that later...)

So that's one good thing about today.

So today has also been not so fun. Getting yelled at by angry campers is not ideal. So that's the downside of working at a campground/waterpark.

Anyway. I haven't been blogging because I'm a slacker. So here's a few things worth saying about what's been up lately.

Yeah this exists. And someone brought it to our house. We have great neighbors:)

Scavenger hunt and sushi with this kid makes for a pretty fun date!

He thinks he's a professional bowler. I let him win. ;)

I promise I'll stop being a horrible blogger. Pinky swear! 

Happy Thursday everyone:)

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