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So here's a few things that have been happening lately. I don't really have lots of time to go into great detail, so here's the bits and pieces you need:)

Sometimes I pretend to be domestic and make cookie dough. It can be fun:) Especially when I eat most of the cookie dough and don't bake any cookies...

Bonfire with these cuties. Weird happenings lead us to become a utensil gang around a fire. So beware for Spooner, Forker and Knifer (copyright pending).

My sisters are beautiful. Tonight is the last performance of the 2013 ballet recital. It's so weird to me that it's been TWO YEARS since I danced in my last one. Last year it was easy not to miss it....I was cruising around Europe. This year, it's a lot easier to miss. Here's to the hours of practice, hundreds of dollars spent (THANKS MOM AND DAD), hairspray and tape, bobby pins and breaking shoes, corset ties and headpieces, and a million other things that I miss about being a ballerina. Break a leg tonight ladies:) I love you!

Also. Jonas is home. I don't have a picture of him, I forgot to take one when I saw him this morning. But still. Welcome home:)

Happy Saturday everyone:)

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