News May 4, 2013

7:11 AM

New York Times Headline: Israel Bombs Syria as the U.S. Weighs Its Own Options

Israeli aircraft dropped a bomb in Syria on Thursday, and now the U.S. is pondering what to do. Ideas have been floating around including a U.S. airstrike. This bomb dropping has been described as "game changing" for all the countries involved. 

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New York Times Headline: As Senators Head for Exit, Few Step Up to Run for Seats

As more Senators come to the end of their terms and announce they will not be running for reelection, the expectation is that several young politicians will start battling for their spots. Oddly enough, few have raised their hands to put themselves in the race. This shows that the thought of being in or even running for the Senate is more unappealing than ever. 

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