How's today feeling

11:59 AM

So there's a long post to come about being reunited with my dear friends and having a blast in Idaho, the land of the potato and Oreo cookies. Don't worry, it's coming and you will love it!;) I just have a few thoughts to get out right now and I want to do it before I forget them!

I feel like this a little bit

And I feel like this

So these are kind of conflicting themes....kind of how life is going. I have some people telling me that this is probably where my life is headed, and other people telling me that my life is headed in the opposite way. But it doesn't really matter what other people think or what they experienced or how the pattern goes. I'm doing what I am supposed to, what makes me happy, and what I feel is right. End of story.

So that's all. Don't worry, the huge post about my mini-vacation is coming. Happy Saturday everyone!

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