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I've had a few requests for more tips about graduation/last month of high school/Senior Cotillion/yearbook day, etc. SO. Here's a few things I would recommend/not recommend for all you soon to be high school grads!

  • Go to Cotillion. Pay the money and go. It was fun and it was so neat to be with JUST the senior class. Dress is semi-formal so I would wear a nice short dress, not something you would wear to church but not something you would wear to prom.

  • Sign up for everything at your all night party. Do it all, stay all night, talk to everyone, you'll probably never see some of these people again! So enjoy it:)
  • STUDY FOR YOUR AP TESTS. I know Senioritis is hitting. Hard. I promise if you study, the last few weeks of high school (after tests) will be a breeeeze. Study hard now, enjoy the reward in a few weeks.
  • Wear something nice under your cap and gown. Do your hair, wear something cute! You'll unzip to take a few pictures;)
  • WEAR NICE SHOES TO GRADUATION. It is the ONLY way to distinguish you from every other Judge Judy outfit. Wear shoes that say something about you!
Notice the shoes?

  • Ask that girl/guy on a date sooner rather than later. If there's someone you've been DYING to go out with all of high school, ask them out while you still can! I know you're all thinking, "I'll do it over the summer..." Bad thought. You won't do it over the summer when you don't see them/have an excuse to talk to them. Do it now!
  • Enjoy the last few weeks of high school. You never get to come back to this. I know you're all excited about college, and yes college is a BLAST. But enjoy where you are, while you can.
  • Take pictures! You'll want them later, promise!
  • Decide one thing you and your friends really want to do together this last month. Whether it's shooting the tube or hiking somewhere, pick one thing and DO IT. You think you'll do it over the summer, but you might not. So pick something awesome to do together and do it now!
  • Graduate from seminary. Do the makeup if you need to, do whatever it takes so you can be there for your seminary graduation!
  • Relax, and enjoy. This is the last month of high school. Enjoy it!!!

That's all I have for you today! Happy Thursday everyone!

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