News May 31, 2013

7:21 AM

KSL Headline: US woman facing drug charge released in Mexico

Arizona mother Yarina Maldonado was released from the Mexican prison where she was being held today. Maldonado was accused of smuggling drugs after 12 pounds of marijuana were found under her seat in a passenger bus back to the U.S. She was held in a Mexican jail, but after her accusers failed to appear in court and a surveillance video showed her carrying only a blanket, purse, and water bottle, she was released and is now traveling home.

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New York Times Headline: Universities Show Uneven Efforts in Enrolling Poor

Affirmative action opponents have found a new target of what they call "reverse discrimination": money. These opponents argue that universities give a leg up to poor students. Educators however, argue with this, even presenting the evidence that getting poorer students to college costs more money. They point out the need to find, recruit, help them apply, and even after all this money of getting them to college, they still need financial aid to stay there. The Supreme Court will rule soon over a similar case, and both sides are eager to see the outcome.

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